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A # nátrium-formát módszer előállítási folyamata

Idő: 2021-02-28 Találatok: 1

A gyártási folyamat #sodiumformate módszer
Sulphuric acid powder first prepares sulfur dioxide and methanol into a mercaptan solution for use, and then adds sodium formate, # nátrium-metabiszulfit, sulfur dioxide, and ethylene oxide into the synthesis kettle in a certain proportion.

During the reaction, the mercaptan solution is added dropwise to control the PH value,temperature and pressure of the process until the end of the reaction ;

then the obtained #sodiumhydrosulfite is suspended in a hydraulic pressure to a "four-in-one" kettle, filtered and washed, and then heated and dried indirectly with hot water.

The finished product is added with a certain amount of stabilizer just mix it for packaging. The "four-in-one" kettle is filtered, and the washed original liquor enters the neutralization kettle, and the by-product sodium sulfite is neutralized by adding #causticsoda, which can be sold directly.

After the neutralization original liquor is rectified, methanol is recovered for production.

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